Sunday, December 11, 2016


The oil industry is a very important primary industry in Canada. We use oil to power our cars, heat our homes, and so much more. But while doing all that, there are also many issues going on in the industry that we probably never think of. While there are a lot of issues, the biggest issue depends on you. Some people will say that, the impact the oil industry has on the environment is the biggest, while others will say that the impact on the workers is the biggest. while others might disagree, I would have to agree with the second issue, the impact on workers. In the oil industry, there are many workers working daily to get oil and natural gases. As they breath in hours of oil fumes, and eat/drink food that could come in contact with oil day after day, it is starting to have a serious impact their health. Workers are then at a higher risk for many cancers. Some examples are blood cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, pancreas cancer, prostate cancer, eye cancer, and brain cancer. They can also get blurry vision, headaches, unusual deaths, asthma, heart attacks, damaged liver, skin rashes, and more.
Now, for the people who says that the impact on the environment is the biggest issue. In the industry, they have to clear out an area to start the process of drilling for oil, but while they do this, they are invading/disturbing wildlife habitats and migration routes. The animals lose their homes and would have to go somewhere else where they aren't familiar with. This can be dangerous for the animals. Another example is oil spills. they effect aquatic ecosystems and the economy to fix the problem. Air pollution is another impact the industry has on the environment. As they transport they oil elsewhere, or is using the oil to create different products, the end result includes a bad effect on the air quality. Once the air gets really bad, (an example is China) human's health will start to get affected. So, what are some solutions?  Well, we can plant more trees to help with the air pollution, build plants for recycling used oil, be more eco-friendly, use less oil (carpool), are all examples of what you can oil to help!

Friday, November 18, 2016

What Do You Think About Global Warming/Climate Change & What Can People Do To Help The Situation?

I think that global warming and climate change is a very important topic, especially to this generation and onwards. I feel like people now a days, don't want to recognize the impact they have on global warming and climate change because it's a scary topic to think about, and they don't think it's that important. We are a generation of people who overuse resources and not even know we are overusing it, because the amount we use is considered "normal" to us. We have become greedy. Which is why we are already 30 years into global warming (from the movie the 11th hour). Climate change happens very slowly, so we don't notice it, but it does happen! Not only does it effect humans, but all living things on this earth. As stated in the movie the 11th hour, the earth doesn't need saving it can regenerate itself over millions of years, but we do if we want to survive on this earth. So, here are some ways to help with global warming and climate change. It won't erase the impact from before but can prevent it from getting worse.  People can ride bikes/walk to places or carpool if it's really far away, reduce reuse recycle, don't waste water (turn of taps when your not using it), conserve energy ( turn of lights when you don't need it), plants trees, and more.
To conclude, these little things will help with global warming and climate change even if you can't see the results right away. One person can make a difference.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Can We Be Proud Of Canada's Immigration History?

My opinion on this topic, is that Canada's history is just like majority of the world's history too.
We had good and bad times through out our history just like everyone else, so being proud about this is sort of 50/50.  In the past, Canada rejected emigrants based on their race or religion. This to me, is completely rude and unprofessional of the government to approve of these "laws(acts)". However, this issue has been resolved now, we have a point system on people's skills, and not on people's race which is extremely fair towards new immigrants. Like I wrote above, we did have good times in our history like how our government let in more than 250,000 Syrian refugees into Canada. Also another time was during 1960-1970, Canada let in refugees from different countries who were under dictatorship. Today, Canada has improved a lot from it's past, and I think that we should be proud of it.