Saturday, October 15, 2016

Can We Be Proud Of Canada's Immigration History?

My opinion on this topic, is that Canada's history is just like majority of the world's history too.
We had good and bad times through out our history just like everyone else, so being proud about this is sort of 50/50.  In the past, Canada rejected emigrants based on their race or religion. This to me, is completely rude and unprofessional of the government to approve of these "laws(acts)". However, this issue has been resolved now, we have a point system on people's skills, and not on people's race which is extremely fair towards new immigrants. Like I wrote above, we did have good times in our history like how our government let in more than 250,000 Syrian refugees into Canada. Also another time was during 1960-1970, Canada let in refugees from different countries who were under dictatorship. Today, Canada has improved a lot from it's past, and I think that we should be proud of it.