Friday, November 18, 2016

What Do You Think About Global Warming/Climate Change & What Can People Do To Help The Situation?

I think that global warming and climate change is a very important topic, especially to this generation and onwards. I feel like people now a days, don't want to recognize the impact they have on global warming and climate change because it's a scary topic to think about, and they don't think it's that important. We are a generation of people who overuse resources and not even know we are overusing it, because the amount we use is considered "normal" to us. We have become greedy. Which is why we are already 30 years into global warming (from the movie the 11th hour). Climate change happens very slowly, so we don't notice it, but it does happen! Not only does it effect humans, but all living things on this earth. As stated in the movie the 11th hour, the earth doesn't need saving it can regenerate itself over millions of years, but we do if we want to survive on this earth. So, here are some ways to help with global warming and climate change. It won't erase the impact from before but can prevent it from getting worse.  People can ride bikes/walk to places or carpool if it's really far away, reduce reuse recycle, don't waste water (turn of taps when your not using it), conserve energy ( turn of lights when you don't need it), plants trees, and more.
To conclude, these little things will help with global warming and climate change even if you can't see the results right away. One person can make a difference.

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  1. I like your empathetic view and the significance that we must all make changes in order to help this issue